Which customers and why?

Which customers?

A company's commitment to continuous improvement is first of all a voluntary process . It is therefore logical to find companies which are oriented towards the future, which wish to progress and perpetuate their activities.

If large structures have often integrated internal services dedicated to this specialty, more modest companies do not necessarily have the means or a volume of projects sufficient to justify a function of this type full time.

It is at this level that I position myself. You can call on my services on an occasional, punctual, or regular basis according to your needs.This is the guarantee of carrying out your projects in perfect control of your budget and your deadlines .

Operational performance concerns all sizes of companies: craftsman, VSE / SME , as well as large groups .

Contrary to popular belief, operational performance does not only concern production companies, service companies and administrations are also very affected by this subject.


The overall objective of operational performance is to simplify the operations carried out by each of your employees so that they can focus on their added value and not waste their energy, time, motivation and money from the company to resolve malfunctions and other recurring irritants.

The range of services offered covers a large part of the operational aspects that make up the activity of a company.

Clear and transparent operation:

Each cooperation begins with a framing of the mission and the definition of the goal to be achieved . The progress of the project is validated by milestones to ensure that each stakeholder is in line with the objective that has been defined.

Extensive expertise:

I have the benefit of an experienced and structured network , allows me if necessary, the support of experts specialized in transverse fields in order to fully meet the expected objectives.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more details.