Professional background and experience

Management, operational management, training and project management


After more than 20 years in daily exercise of multiple operational functions in the fields of production, maintenance, training, HSE, sales and management. I decided to share this experience and put it at the service of businesses.

My professional career began on the ground as a glassmaker within the Saint Gobain group which subsequently became Verallia . For more than ten years I learned, practiced and trained operators and technicians in the different forming techniques on IS Machine. I also had the opportunity to invest in an HSE service, which allowed me to acquire a global vision of the entire process of a glass production site , to understand environmental issues as well than the level of risk control required in a continuous fire process.

The taste for challenge gave me the opportunity to discover other processes for the ArcelorMittal group, as well as production management and the management of teams dedicated to the manufacture of high-tech cables intended for mining, cable cars and inking for offshore platforms.

The flame brought me back to the glass industry, no longer as a producer but as an equipment supplier in the Rondot group . First in the sales department in order to determine the technical needs , propose, negotiate and market tailor-made equipment and CAPEX projects for the biggest glassmakers in this industry: Verallia, Owens Illinois, SGD pharma, Verescence, Saver Glass, Stolze, Zignago, Pochet le Courval, Arc Inernational, Vidrala ...

I then took responsibility for the production establishment of the company Rondot. Involved in the daily and strategic operational management of the company , I had the opportunity to be able to implement many internal projects on the basis of Lean management and Lean manufacturing, but also to lead partnership projects with the different technical centers of glassmaking groups, as well as developments for IS machines Emhart, Heye, Bottero, BDF, Sklostroj, Fama and GPS .

My appetite for audit and technical expertise missions in France and abroad as well as project management led me little by little to embark on a new challenge and offer my experience as well as my services in these areas with businesses.


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